Thursday, November 22, 2012

Heart shape stockings

Happy Thanksgiving my loves! The turkey has been prepped and is basking in the oven, the family is lounging around watching football, and the house is starting to smell like a feast! I can't wait to eat, my stomach is already growling.

Today I decided was a perfect day to start prepping myself for holiday dresses and cute stockings. Its the start of holiday festivities and I chose a little plum dress to start it all off...

What I'm wearing:
Plum Dress: Macy's
Belt: Ebay
Headband: Wetseal
Leggings: Wetseal
Shoes: Wetseal (old)
Bracelet and ring: Forever 21

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

photo by Aimee Tran

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Floral skinny's

Hello my loves! I'm working on blogging more, It's extremely hard to get good quality pictures since it gets dark so early in the day. I work an 8-5 job which means I'm usually up before the sun and when I leave, the sun is gone (sunset today was at 4:33pm). -__- But here is my sweet boyfriend snapping some pictures just so I can upload for you guys. :) 

Happy Thursday! :)

What I'm wearing:
Blouse: H&M (old)
Skinny florals: Macy's on sale for $18 :)
Nude belt: Fredmeyers
Nude pumps: Forever 21 (old)
Bib necklace: Macy's 

Photo credit to: Taylor Anthony

"I believe laughter is the cure to everything"

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cold fall days.

Happy Monday everyone! So instead of rain and snow, the temperature here has just decided to drop and stay freezing. Even being in the house, I am bundled up and under the covers. Why am I not use to this weather yet? And I've lived here practically my entire life... Aside from the weather, I never realized how much polka dot attire I own until I started this blog... So here's another outfit post, with more polka dots! :) Never let the cold ruin a good outfit. Just layer up and add some color.

What I'm wearing:
White sparkled tank: Forever (old)
White Blazer: Papaya
Blue Jeans:    H&M
Flats:  Wet Seal
Scarf:  Ross - similar one here.
Watch : Gift
Bracelet: Macy's 

Photo curtesy of : Aimee Tran

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

RED-dy or not.. Winter is definitely here.

I love how vibrant this red is. I have a habit of picking the shoes I want to wear for the day and building my outfit around it. I was set on red. It's definitely a little out of my normal color combos but that's the fun part about fashion. 

Polka dot blouse: Forever 21
White Jeggings: Wet Seal
Clutch: Macy's
Shoes: Shoedazzle "Vivana"
Belt: Ebay

Have a great Tuesday! :) Always make yourself happy. 

Photos by Josh Nixon