Sunday, November 9, 2014

Veronika's first birthday! A touch of DIY

I've got to admit, I never saw myself as someone who was known as artistic but lately, arts and crafts has been my happy place! Anything with a hot glue gun and an idea and I am ready to go.

Today's arts and craft? Decorating for a one year old's first birthday! The theme was simple - orange, light pink and hot pink with polka dots. So within 24 hours, my sister and I put together as much as we could and I've got to say, the birthday girl was one happy little ball of sunshine.

My favorite thing to make had to be her name board. While I was stumbling around Michael's looking for chalk to write all this out, I found out the existence of chalkboard pens! Wow did that make a difference. The lines are so much smoother and there's no powdery residue laying around so it doesn't smear unless you scrub at it. Which was nice, considering the birthday girl loved putting it in her mouth. :) Happy birthday sweet Veronika!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Please feel free to contact me at if you have questions or would like for me to create something for you. 


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Can it always be fall?

A typical day in Washington, sun is out but it is 40 degrees out! Honestly, I don't mind. I love the crisp air, and better yet the spectrum of colors you see walking down the street or to the park. Fall is such a pretty season, can it be that all the time?

Outfit Details|| Black tank: forever 21 here || Harlem Pants : HM last season similar  || Boots: forever 21 similar || Leather Jacket: forever 21 similar||

It's better than in Minnesota, where it is 37 degrees last time I checked! At least my boot collection will get to come out and play. Happy Saturday dolls! :)

pictures by: Teresa Tran

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Whimsical Wedding Weekend

I wasn't sure how I wanted to put this photo diary together... there was so much going on in one weekend that I felt like it may have been overwhelming in a post. But it was such a fun weekend, filled with so much love and happiness that I'm positive it will show through the pictures.

I received bad news before I hopped on the plane at 7 am. But I'm sure it was a reminder that life is short and it waits for no one so you've got to keep the good times coming and enjoy every second. Although my family isn't big on this holiday, I am glad to have gotten the full experience with my boyfriend's family. Off to San Diego we go!

My favorite thing about his sister's wedding, was not only did she make it an entire weekend thing, but it was the perfect wedding for her. It fit her personality, style and caused her more happiness then stress, she's pretty much got the wedding planning thing down. Not to mention, there were people from all over the states that flew in to spend the weekend with the newlyweds! You can't help but adore this family.

Friday night was the Halloween party, and boy was my boyfriend such a good sport! Not to mention, he rocked the heck out of that tutu. We were told multiple times that if there was a costume contest, it would belong to us... but I think Richard Simmons would have taken it, especially after he did an entire unplanned routine to YMCA for the crowd! 

Saturday was the wedding. Let me just say, I think have the guests arrived partial drunk, partial hungover ... But wow! it was the perfect country style fairy tale wedding right in the middle of San Diego. There was a little bit of rain, but that just made for the most amazing rainbow to appear. By far one of the most vivid rainbows I have ever seen. I got a little teary eyed, how could you not? The grooms face lit up when the bride came walking down the aisle... just so much love in one area. 

And on Sunday, it was hot tubbing and football... as every Sunday should be! I did my very first shot ski and realized it is never a good idea to try it with guys taller than me. I'm sure half the shot when down my shirt... 

It is hard to find the one your heart loves, but I am so glad I got to witness it between those two. it also gives you hope that there is love in this generation, true whole hearted love. And this family! I can write about a whole book on them. They are the most caring, generous and welcoming family I have been so lucky to have met... But as they say, all good things must come to an end. I'm sorry this post was a little bit crowded, but I just couldn't help myself.

Until next time dolls, hang tight to all those things that make your heart flutter. Rest in paradise Grandma, I know you put this whole weekend together for me. Say hi to grandpa and may you continue to bless this world with happiness. Xo