Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Green with Envy to cure my Sunday Blues

Have you guys hear the new Taylor Swift song yet? I must admit it's not my type of music but I am liking her lyrics. I'm pretty sure she's got life figured out especially in a society where people judge you or compare you to the next, it is really hard to learn to love yourself. But just like T.Swift said, shake it off! Embrace the things that make you different and surround yourself with the ones that appreciate that. Good for her!
I've got to say, every since I've met my bf I've learned new ways to look at life, look at people and look at the stuff that comes my way. He is probably the definition of T. Swift's song. He beats to his own drums and could careless what anyone says. If you've got someone in your life that shows you that and helps you appreciate everything, you should definitely keep them around. :) There is beauty in everything if we choose to look for it.
Happy hump day dolls!

Outfit Details|| Romper: Urban OG (similar here) || Wedges: Macys (here) || Purse: Target (old but similar here) || Jewerly: old

Photos by: Cole Cassidy
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Blues

Sundays are starting to become one of my favorite days, minus the fact that Monday is just right around the corner... It is the day I get to sleep in, lounge around, spend some quality time with my boyfriend and friends and just get my week together before it starts.

This weekend has been so packed with events that today was the first time we both have had time to  sit down and take a breather. My favorite baby cousins turned a year older this weekend and I can't believe how old they have gotten. I remember changing their diapers, and now one is headed into middle school and the other is headed into kindergarten... But it's true, they never fail to put a smile on my face. Can't wait for more addition to our families!

I love quality time with my boyfriend - it's nice to have someone who constantly has you laughing no matter what is going on in life. Today he spoiled us both with massages and capped it off with FroYo! How could it get better? We are also starting to fall in love with our neighborhod with all the hidden gems we've been finding, like this quaint little alley way.

Today's outfit is a sweet summer date day/night outfit. I am in love with this cute maxi, not just for the cut and style in the front but for the exposing back. Please excuse my tan lines, I got burnt for the first time ever this summer and it is here to stay...

Stay posted dolls, I am going to organize all the things I'm selling in my closet soon. :)

Outfit Details|| Blue Maxi: Love Culture (here) || Headband (similar here)  and Ring: Forever 21 (here) || Necklace: Juicy Couture (similar here) || Watch: Shoedazzle (similar here) || Sandals: old (similar here) 

Photos by: Cole Cassidy

 My aunt is such a boss when it comes to making cakes. I have yet to meet one person who was not satisfied with their cakes!! Here are the birthday boys in all their glory. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A little tender loving care. DIY projects

Well I've finally settled down in my new loft with my boyfriend, and lucky me, he's given me free range to decorate how I'd like too! How easy is that? His only rule was no yellow, on anything... Which happens to be my favorite color... but relationships are compromises! :)

I am such a huge fan of Do-it-yourself projects. Which is probably why I am obsessed with pinterest and my boyfriend doesn't understand how I can sit and stare at a screen for so long but hello! There are a million different things going on on pinterest all the time. It's the feeling of having an idea and completing it - knowing full well you did it yourself. I love it.

This is what the final products of some of my pinspiration turned out. :)

I'm still working on our dresser, that's a bit more complicated since I want to strip it down and change the color. But this is above it - my own jewelry organizer. That was two corkboards (here) I got on sale at Hobby Lobby and covered with fabric, too simple not to try! :)

This is our living room. I love our sectional couch and since he didn't  like the color yellow, I opted for another bright color - Teal! :) The throw pillows were handmade: I bought the fabrics I wanted (a yard each) then purchased some sewing tape (which is a fantastic invention!). Then I cut the fabric to the size I wanted and glued the fabrics down, flipped it inside out and stuffed (here) it to the consistency I wanted.
Same idea for the large cork board (here)  above the couch - I purchased fabric and stapled it down. The hardest part was getting the thumbtacks (here)  to lay evenly on the edges.

This was probably my favorite wall to decorate. I purchased dollar store frames, and laid them out how a clock would look. I found the clock piece at Walmart (similar here and here). The hardest part was getting them to be straight and even on the wall.
The vase was also from the dollar store. I purchased enamel paint from Hobby lobby, stuck tape on the places I didn't want painted, then painted it. :) As you can see it isn't as smooth as I'd like but for a first attempt, I can live it with. I suggest using a spray paint rather than actual paint.

This wall is above our bed. I thought it was the perfect design to tie together where we both are from. I kept it nice and simple with black, just in case I decide to change the bedding later on.
I purchase 2 8x14 canvases (here) from Hobby Lobby and sprayed one down completely black. That's the one where I wrote in a silver sharpie "if home is where the heart is, then my home is where you are." The other two canvases, I cut out the shape of both our states (Washington & Wisconsin), taped it on the canvas and the edges.
The fourth canvas is still in the works... I wanted him to feel lik this was his home also, so I'm putting together a midwest wall for him; probably all sports and his licenses plates. :)
What kinds of projects do you guys like to do?
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Neon Lights

Here we go again dolls, another wedding to remember! Vietnamese weddings are always different than the American culture, but one thing is for sure it is definitely very traditional. Church, then a mini party at the grooms house, then the actual reception party... A lot of drinking and food in between!

Today's outfit post is about my choice for the reception - it was a big hit with not only me but with majority of the party. Let's just say my family couldn't lose me if they tried! Same goes for my boyfriend. :) I love these events!

I've got to admit, when I visited SheInside online, I was a bit skeptical. There was tons of great dresses for a decent penny, only thing was that they were from overseas. The last few times I ordered things from overseas, they were never the same nor similar to the picture online... but as you can see, I was very happy with this purchase. Here I go again, with the low cuts...


Outfit Details|| Dress: SheInside (exact) || Gold Belt: SheInside (exact) || Heels: Urban OG (similar) || Watch and jewelry: Forever 21

Here is a little photo diary of the wedding.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend dolls! :) 


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Romper Love

Rompers and shift dresses have been such staple items in my closet this summer! It's just so easy to put on when you are in a rush without looking like you were in a rush... if that makes sense. 

Right now I'm loving the low back cuts in almost everything, fancy dresses, simple dresses, rompers - you name and I've probably fallen in love with it. I got ready in about 20 minutes with this romper and let's just say my boyfriend was highly impressed. This hairstyle is also my go to, especially for the mornings where sleep sounds way better than doing my hair... Got to have your go to pieces.

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Outfit Details || Romper: Charlotte Russe (exact here) || Headband: Forever 21(similar) || Wedges: Macy's (exactsimilar) || Belt: Forever 21(similar here)

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Photos by: Cole Cassidy