Monday, July 29, 2013

Summertime Sunshine

Hi dolls! Wow, I didn't realize it's been weeks since I've uploaded a new blog! So many changes that it feels like its only been two days. Let me just give you the run down of the last 6 weeks...

My new position at work is such a challenge! I love learning new things but at the same time, it is completely out of my comfort zone to not know nor understand what is going on! It's frustrating and fabulous all at the same time. I will not be in a rut with my job for quite a while..

I've recently moved into my own place and let me tell you, decorating and setting up your own personal space is so time consuming and expensive! But I am in love with my new place and my room mate is my best friend! How convenient it is to just have her one room away. :) This was probably the biggest hold up on my blog. I think we have finally settled in...

And of course my new puppy!! Who is like a child... he so playful and friendly, he tires me out before I get a chance to tire him out. He'll make appearances throughout my blog. :)

My Threads: Skirt - Charlotte Russe  (similar)|| Sandals - Nordstroms Rack || Top - H&M || Headband & Jewelry - Forever 21

Here's to the best summer of our lives! :) xoxo

photos by: Tommy Tran

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  1. Great outfit :) x


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