Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekly round up: San Diego

When the ball dropped welcoming 2013, I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined my life would be where it is now. So much has changed and has happen that I am still amazed things have worked out this way. 

I got the call from my boss Saturday night asking if I can spend the week in San Diego to help open up a new branch... There was no hesitation about that, I gladly accepted! And that is where I have been, working long hours to help open multiple branches throughout California. Here is my weekly round up. :)

I got dropped off at the airport with a cute little love note to get me going...
Sat next to a cute older couple, holding hands and completely in love. 
Got set up in my own home away from home... (For those that know me, you probably find this humorous since you know I hardly cook.)
Outfit number 1: kept it casual with black jeans, a white blouse and blue cardigan. 
Day 2: consists of a forever 21 dress, my favorite Charlotte Russe pumps, and a teal cardigan. Rest of the week got a little hectic and I forgot to take outfit pictures. 

Long hours and lots of work but when I did get some down time I went straight to an Inn n Out! And even got to see some old and new friends. 

This adorable pup is David (made me miss my puppy so much!)
Met my boyfriend's gorgeous sister, Lindsay who lives 5 minutes away from seaworld! That's definitely on my bucketlist... And then ended my trip with more Inn n Out.
Now I'm patiently waiting for my plane back home. This week has been such a blur but look out California, I may be back next month! :) I work such an amazing crew that I can't wait to come back. 

Have a wonderful weekend dolls! Xoxo

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