Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween my loves! I wanted to write a post before I head out and wish you all a safe and wonderful Halloween! I can't wait to see all the costumes and inspirations tomorrow! Here's what we did both at work and at home. 

He is the cookie to my monster! Thanks Justin and jimmy for the hashtags! #imtherealcookiemonster #nomnomnom

The kiddos in my house. Such happy babies! We find our inspiration on Pinterest, and making tutus was my favorite part! 

For Robin, we cut felt for her R on the chest and used 2 rolls of green tulle (25 feet) and attached it to an elastic band. We also used black felt to cut out her and her brothers masks. 

For me, I also used 2 rolls of royal blue tulle (25 feet) to make my tutu. Found my blue long sleeve at Walmart for $7 and used felt to cut eyes and a mouth for my monster. I used the rest of the brown fabric from the cookie to make small cookies and glued it to my shirt and tutu. 

For the Cookie, I used two large poster board, cut them into cookie shape, and covered it in brown fabric. Used black fabric to make chocolate and cut two strips for the shoulder. :) 

To yummy not to share! 

While my real cookie man was at work, she was his replacement. :)

I am in love with making tutus! So any occasion I can wear or make them, I am taking. You will probably see me wear this to a seahawks game! :) xoxo

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