Monday, June 9, 2014

Photo Diary: Birthday Celebration Galore!

Just kidding, just two birthdays. :) today's post is a photo diary of both of them. The first birthday was for my handsome boyfriend, we kept it low key this year and just spent the entire day on the beach leading right into a bonfire. Lucky for us, Washington weather was in our favor and it was the perfect temperature all day long. Happy 25th Cole! A quarter of a century old! :)

The birthday boy in all his glory. He didn't want a birthday cake (probably for the fact that his face gets smothered with it in the end, whoops! ) so thank you Pinterest for this lovely idea. 

We even had his best friend from back home come celebrate his birthday!

It's the little things that count. To see the ones you love and adore be so happy makes you happy. Thank you to all the beautiful people that came out to help me celebrate this man's birthday. Here's to more years. :) xo

Now that the cheesy part is over, the second birthday party was for my babies. Well my roommates babies, but they are practically mine too. My god daughter is turning three and her brother turns 6. Holy cow! I remember the day both of them were born and now they are this age?! 

Let me tell you, planning and decorating a children's birthday party is a lot more complicated then I thought. But thanks to their super mom, this was probably the best party yet. 

It was a tinkerbell/batman party. Our house was packed with 20+ kids, but it definitely went a lot smoother than we expected and the kids were so happy that so many people came to celebrate with them, I'm sure they will be talking about it for days! Their smiles made it all worth it.

Tinkerbell better watch out! 

I wish we would have gotten more pictures but once the kids began showing up, it was hard to get anything done. I couldn't get batman to slow down long enough to take a picture! The joy and happiness that were on these kids faces was priceless, it always brightens my heart to see them this happy. These little rascals are a constant reminders that life is beautiful, it may not go your way but you just pick it up and make the most of it. Definitely makes me want to have some of my own some day. :)

Again, to my best friends for always being there even when life makes it hard to get everyone together. These girls are my soul mates, forever stuck with me whether they like it or not. 

Have a wonderful weekend dolls! Xo

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