Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's Play Catchup!

Holy cow! The last time I did an outfit post was about 6 weeks ago... how did time move that fast?? Let's play catch up dolls.

I am now officially settled in with my boyfriend in our adorable loft. I am really happy we made this decision. The only down side to being on the top floor during a Washington summer... is the heat! It has been a consistent 90 degrees in our apartment and we've now accumulated 4 fans, and have been sleeping next to our one window... That changed today when we made the best purchase yet, a portable AC machine! I am one happy girl right now. 

Summer time means cute office outfits! I've had to downsize my closet drastically when we moved in together, I mean who knew sharing a closet would be so hard? But I did find things that I have forgotten about, including this cute striped shirt. :)

Outfit Details|| Striped Blouse: Ross (similar here and here) || Black Skinnies: Target here || Strappy Heels: Urban OG (similar here and here) || Purse: Michael Kors (gift) || Necklace & Earrings: Charlotte Russe

My boyfriend has agreed to help me be more consistent on my posts... next one will be when we are in Wisconsin! :) Gotta love having a boyfriend from out of state. 

Have a wonderful week dolls! 


photos by: Cole Cassidy

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