Saturday, April 27, 2013

All that glitters is gold..

Sequin Saturday! I've had this dress in my closet since my birthday and have finally found an occasion to wear it! I love charity events, whether its music based or food based, a charity event is a wonderful excuse to have a good time and support a great cause! Today, my sister and I volunteered at her hospital's annual gala event to help raise money for their NICU department. It was a black tie event with the theme of "Essence of the Sea," colors were teal and coral. It was definitely a Saturday well spent. 

The guests were impeccably dressed, men in suits and ladies dressed to impressed and the best part about it is that we raised so much money! (Final count coming soon) I'm use to people bidding based on $10 dollar increments but here, it was amazing how generous people were. For example, 8 suite seats to the Kenny Chesney concert this summer sold for $20,000! Wow! We greeted people, checked them in, and made sure they were enjoying themselves. I have to say the auction part was my favorite. The MC's were fantastic! They had the crowd involved and laughing the entire time. Now, 6 hours later I'm finally home and comfortable.

My dress is from Dorothy Perkins website and lately, I've been infatuated with old Hollywood glam hair and make up so that's what I tried to recreate today. :) Added some black stockings to keep it appropriate and my Kardashian heels from Sears (alot of standing was involved so I finally switched into flats).

(my gorgeous older sister)

(This was the cocktail/silent auction area)

 (The wonderful ladies I volunteered with)

(Upclose make up shot)

Thanks for stopping by dolls! Happy Saturday!

photos by : Tommy Tran


  1. Absolutely obsessed with your dress - you look gorgeous! Looks like you had a fun time :)

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  3. Look at you, gorgeous! Love you in gold sequins! Glad you had fun- a great event for a great cause. :)


  4. Hola acabo de descubir tu blog y me ha gustado mucho!Tu traje es ideal. Te gustarĂ­a que nos siguieramos? Te espero en mi blog. Un beso

  5. Love your dress x

  6. you look so gorgeous. i really love your dress.

  7. love the outfit, you look amazing!!! check out my blog, we can follow each other if you like xoxo


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