Saturday, February 1, 2014

Feeling good, feeling great! V-day outfit 1

Lately the subject of Miley Cyrus and her behavior has been all over the place. I've got to admit, she's no longer a Disney star and it is a bit dramatic but I do respect the fact that she's embraced who she is and has gone along with it. 

With society being so set on their ideals of what women should be like, how they should act and how they should dress, she encourages people to be their own people. I respect that. You should love who you are, no matter what other people say. Accept your flaws, rejoice in them and no one can use it against you. I don't agree with all her choices but go ahead Miley! Do what you've got to do.  

With that being said, this is my first outfit choice for Valentines Day! Although my Valentine's day will be spent on a plane, it won't stop me from dressing up and making the most of it with my boyfriend. This outfit is a little more sexy and flirty but for those who are more conservative don't worry! I've put together 2 more outfits perfect for that theme! :) 

Outfit Details: Midi Skirt  || Top (forever 21) || Shoes (Shoedazzle) || Peacoat (Nordstroms)




How will you guys be celebrating your valentines day? ❤️❤️ Xoxo

Photos by: Amanda St. Louis

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  1. such a cute top!



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