Monday, October 6, 2014

Do all things with Love

It's that time again! Fall is approaching which means cold mornings and warm afternoons, and my favorite part, leaves changing colors. 

I've got to say, it amazes me how many people just assume the world has been handed to me. To their surprise, I've actually worked really hard to be where I am. I just hold myself to a higher standard because I've been taught to do so. My parents came to America when I was just two years old, not knowing any english, in their early twenties with two kids. They packed up their entire life to give me and my siblings a better life and they are so proud we've taken all the opportunities presented to be where we are. I had to work a little harder, learn to speak english a little better, and the entire time not let the frustrations get me down. My parents have always taught me to count my blessings, give back when I can and do all things in love because at the end of the day, love is what truly counts. How's that for getting to know me? :)

Outfit Details|| Shift Dress : Similar here  and here || Knee high socks: Similar here and here || Boots: Last season from Macys: similar here || Owl Necklace: here || Headband: 

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