Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wisconsin/Minnesota weekend diary

For a girl who has never been to the Midwest, I've frequent it a lot in the last 3 months! First Michigan, then Minnesota and now Wisconsin. It has been so much fun, and I've experienced enough snow for a lifetime. I am much more a sunny days, warm beach type of girl.

This time around, we spent valentines day in the Midwest to see my boyfriends dad and all his best buds. Talk about getting to know your other half. He took me to all his old stomping grounds and I got to experience a lot of things I would never even think to try! For example, driving on a frozen lake... Why that sounds fun I have no idea, but so awesome to experience! I saw tons of houses on the lake waiting around to catch fish, ice fishing is what they call it. Then as we were driving around the city, we ran into a family of deers! I have never seen so many up close before... Not to mention I even tried things like beer cheese soup? Who would have thought?

Here is a recap of my valentine's day weekend.

Spent Friday at the airport waiting on our flight..

His dad picked us up and I loved all the family photos I got to see! This one is by far my favorite.

Look at that snow pile! It's as tall as me! 

Then off to Wisconsin to meet his friends! 

It was so much fun to see my boyfriend in his environment, I learned so much! I don't think I would survive in the Midwest but it's definitely a destination to visit.

Thank you to all the wonderful people I got to meet. You are all so welcoming and sweet that I am excited to see you all again. Thank you for all the kind words and showing me such a good time! Talk about hospitality! :) 

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