Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Confessions of a shopaholic

The look on my boyfriend's face when I try and explain to him how irritating it is when you order 2 bathing suits online and they don't fit right... bless his heart. I don't know what was more hilarious, the fact that he just didn't understand the struggle of it or the fact that he was in shock I needed more bathing suits when I live in WA, a state where its more common to see rain than sunshine. He ended the conversation by telling me I'm a shopaholic and I need shopping anonymous. Which is slightly true... but in my defense, I'm a bargain shopper so my shopping sprees never exceed $75. That's fair right?

That was besides the point, but it did inspire this blog post for me. Today is all about my shopping confessions.

1. I shop when I'm upset. Just like when people go to the gym or eat ice cream I turn to shopping.
2. I love a good bargain. I pride myself on finding versatile pieces that look expensive or extravagant for a deal.
3. I shop because I am constantly inspired by the smallest details i.e. the sky, the color of some one's nail polish, a TV show for the 90's, magazines, etc
4. I like the idea of options, if a certain piece doesn't work here it will work there.
5. I only shop after all my bills have been paid and there's money left over. I could be better at saving, but hey what's the point of working hard if I can't spend it? :)

Outfit Details|| Crop Top (forever 21) || High waisted shorts: (forever 21) || Converse Chucks - Converse Outlet kids size || Plaid Shirt: Boyfriend's closet (similar) || Yellow Ray bans: Gift 


photos by: Amanda St. Louis

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