Friday, April 4, 2014

My perfect imperfections

If a man every said I "love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections," you should probably marry that man. If you haven't guessed by now, that is me quoting one of my favorite artist ever, John Legend. I love that man and I love the words he write, Chrissy Teigen you are one lucky lady!!

The reason I bring that up is because my handsome boyfriend has inspired this post. The other day I asked him to snap some pictures of my outfit before we headed off to work, and let me tell you... we are not morning people. 8:30 am is way too early... these pictures are proof of that! But then he brought up a good point... most bloggers share the best pictures, the picture perfect best type of pictures and he just asked me why not show my imperfect pictures? So I thought why not? 

Today I'm sharing my top five perfect imperfections. We all have them and its always a love/hate type of relationship with them. And as they say, once you've accepted your flaws no one can use them against you or you can think like Beyonce every morning, "I woke up like this... flawless!" :) I hope this helps you guys get to know me a little better. 

My Perfect Imperfections:
1) My hair! I have the finest, thinest hair ever. I'm sure a new born baby has more hair on their heads then I do! But I've grown to love it and appreciate that I have my hair. Gotta count your blessings.
2) My skinny legs... I've tried everything to gain some weight there and it is just nearly impossible! My friends call them chopsticks.... -_- But the plus side is that they look toned all the time!
3) I worry all the time. I take prepare for the worst, hope for the best to the extreme. But I am learning every day that worrying is normal, worrying all the time not so much. When I get a little stressed, I go on a run or take some breathers. I am getting better every day! :)
4) The size of my forehead/head period.  My brother in law likes to tell me my head size is extra large... I say its to hold the size of my large brain! :)
5) I'm independent, a little too much sometimes. I like to take care of myself and spoil myself and sometimes this irritates my boyfriend. He considers me stubborn and I agree. I just don't like feeling like I can't do it myself.

This last picture cracks me up, hopefully it brings you a chuckle too! I look crazy!

Outfit Details| Old White eyelet dress (similar) || Old Lavender Cardigan (similar here and here ) || Floral flats (similar here and here) || Necklace from Freddy's (similar)


photos by: Cole Cassidy


  1. I found you thru the lucky community and this is the post that's gonna keep me coming to your blog; it's so honest and I'd rather visit a real girl's journal than one's that tries to portray her life as flawless. Keep up the good work. Girls out there need more bloggers like you, to show them that it's ok not to be perfect but that you can't still be pretty, happy, and independent.


    1. Wow! That was the sweetest comment I've ever read! Thank you! I appreciate that so much. thank you for visiting my page and for your kind compliment! Xo :)


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