Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Green with Envy to cure my Sunday Blues

Have you guys hear the new Taylor Swift song yet? I must admit it's not my type of music but I am liking her lyrics. I'm pretty sure she's got life figured out especially in a society where people judge you or compare you to the next, it is really hard to learn to love yourself. But just like T.Swift said, shake it off! Embrace the things that make you different and surround yourself with the ones that appreciate that. Good for her!
I've got to say, every since I've met my bf I've learned new ways to look at life, look at people and look at the stuff that comes my way. He is probably the definition of T. Swift's song. He beats to his own drums and could careless what anyone says. If you've got someone in your life that shows you that and helps you appreciate everything, you should definitely keep them around. :) There is beauty in everything if we choose to look for it.
Happy hump day dolls!

Outfit Details|| Romper: Urban OG (similar here) || Wedges: Macys (here) || Purse: Target (old but similar here) || Jewerly: old

Photos by: Cole Cassidy
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