Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Christmas Surprise!

Christmas is probably my favorite time of the year, and probably the only time where it can be this bitter cold outside! I mean there are lights everywhere, everyone is in a jolly mood and Christmas music to be heard, what's not to love? Unless you are the grinch... Then I'm sorry.

This has got to be my best surprise yet. My boyfriend loves to wander down memory lane and tell me all about his friends back home in Wisconsin, so there was no doubt in my mind that this gift would make him beyond happy. I decided, along with his two best buds to fly them to WA for the weekend. And let me tell you, there was so much laughter and excitement I thought my face was permanently frozen with a smile. The sweetest and funniest boys I've met and the joy on Cole's face when he saw them was priceless. It was one of the best weekends.

We've been planning this for quite some time and it was so hard to hold this secret! He even caught me texting one of his friends one day, but it's good thing he didn't look into it too much. Getting to the airport without him knowing was the challenge... So I made him promise to be blind folded til I said otherwise. He was not a happy camper....

Until he figured out what his surprise was! If you follow me on Instagram, I caught the whole thing on video! :) There is nothing like best friends being reunited. The rest was pretty much a blur and the weekend went by way too quickly. 

I wish I could have captured more on camera but time just went too fast! It's always nice to have outsiders come to Seattle, it lets me play tourist and it reminds me how much I love my city! Not to mention how gorgeous this place is! Thank you to all the wonderful people that helped me surprise Cole. I couldn't have done it without you guys!  It was truly a weekend to remember. 

The best friendships are the ones that survive anything you put them through; heartbreaks, time and space and these boys are a great example of friendship. I mean who greets their friends with slaps in the face, constantly wrestling each other, and trying to bush one another into bushes? All the while with smiles on their face and glowing from pure happiness? I guess boys will always be boys. 

Happy holidays my loves! I hope you also make a ton of wonderful memories! Xoxo

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